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This training plan recommends the number of miles you should be walking each week in the build-up to your  walk. It is important you cover the mileage and incorporate some long walks into your training so you are ready for the big day. For example in a 15 mile week you could walk 4 miles on Tuesday and Thursday and then 7 miles on Sunday.

Use the downloadable Training Chart to keep track of your progress—you’ll be amazed at how quickly your fitness improves!

Training Chart

Weeks 1-2

Walk 4 times a week, with evenly spaced rest days

Weeks 3-10

Walk 3 times a week, including 1 long walk to build your mileage

Weeks 11-12

Drop your mileage and make sure you have 2 days solid rest before the event. Include some interval training—walk for 3 minutes at a steady pace, then 1 minute and repeat for 60 minutes.

Handy Hints

Everybody’s lifestyle is different, so this programme is designed to be flexible. Just make sure you are still walking the recommended number of times that week and are giving yourself adequate rest time.

Remember to vary the speed at which you walk; try to vary your pace and do walks at a comfortable, steady and fast pace. It is also important to build up your strength and, where possible, include other activities in to your training plan such as swimming, cycling or yoga.

Happy training!

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