Please note that your registration fee will cover the costs of putting on this event and we are encouraging everyone who takes part to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship.

Online giving is the quickest and easiest way to collect sponsorship, and what’s more, it takes only a few minutes to set up a page. To set up yours today, simply click here.

 Download a sponsor form here

Download a fundraising poster here

Top Tips:

 Once your page is set up, follow our top tips to get those funds rolling in!

  1. Get your most generous friends to donate first! People are strongly influenced by how much everyone else gives so if your first donation is a high one, other friends are likely to do the same.
  2. Personalise your page. If this cause means a lot to you personally, make sure you put this into words on your page. Or focus on the challenge of the event itself – walking 10 miles through the night is no mean feat! Use a photo of yourself in lovely lycra workout gear or if you are raising money in honour of someone, use their photo.
  3. Facebook and Twitter are your friends! Over 20% of the money raised via online giving comes through Facebook alone. Start a count down to the big day in your status or, if you’re feeling brave, share a photo/video of yourself on a training session.
  4. Show your friends how their funds help Salisbury Hospice Charity by linking to our website.

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